Why I Failed Shameless Gaming Month

PXOD guest contributor Trjn ran a piece at the end of June that declared July to be “Shameless Gaming Month“, that magical time of the year where there’s not a lot of titles coming out so you can power through your backlog. I, however, failed spectacularly, and haven’t finished a single game. Here’s why.

Meet The New Boss. Same As The Old Boss?

If there’s one constant in videogames it’s the boss fight. Across genres, from Mario to Mass Effect: they’re here to stay. But why do we have them? Are they a relic of gaming past? Or an essential aspect of games?

Ten years of PS2 in North America

On 26th October 2000 Sony released the PlayStation 2 on North American shores. A decade on, with 145 million units sold (a number that’s still rising) and over 2000 games developed for it, it is not only the best selling home console of all time but a true gaming icon that has secured its mark… Continue reading Ten years of PS2 in North America

FFXIV has release date and more info

Upcoming Square-Enix MMO Final Fantasy XIV has been dated for release on PC for September 22. Which strikes me as quite soon, and very bad timing for my university education. The PS3 version will not be released until March next year. I guess it’s easier to release to PC, fix all the bugs that will… Continue reading FFXIV has release date and more info

Guest Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII

By Rachel Fogg :DISCLAIMER-This is simply my humble impression of the JP final build, nothing more or less, things may be altered in the Widerelease of XIII. I don’t know. Game was completed with assistance with my friend.: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I recall about a week ago, I said I was going over to… Continue reading Guest Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII

Footage of Fortress aka ‘FFXII-2’

Some leaked tech footage of Fortress. This is belived to be from Grins work, so quite possibly nothing like what the final project will become. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1U_0EoWkIE] Fortress was originally worked on by Grin before their closure. After the closure concept art and various assets were leaked and we all got a good glimpse of this western made Final Fantasy game.… Continue reading Footage of Fortress aka ‘FFXII-2’

Final Fantasy VIII Coming Soon To The PSN UPDATE!

In a recent Newsletter, Sony have revealed that Final Fantasy VIII is soon coming to the US PSN, no word yet about it’s release on the European PSN. What is meant by soon, no one knows, could be later today or it could be sometime into next year but at least it’s been confirmed. UPDATE:… Continue reading Final Fantasy VIII Coming Soon To The PSN UPDATE!

New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

Can’t wait to get your hands on the next in the Final Fantasy series, XIII? Unfortunately, us westerners have to wait until next March but the wait in Japan is almost at an end, to add to the final hype, Square released a handful of new screenshots.