Shameful Gaming Month

Shameless Gaming Month is something a lot of the writers and the folks over on the X-Talk forums are participating in. As many did last year, they’re completing the uncompleted, playing the unplayed, and perhaps getting around to letting go of that one game they didn’t want to finish simply because they didn’t want it… Continue reading Shameful Gaming Month

Shameless Gaming Month 2012

Shameless Gaming Month 2012 is upon us. Shameless Gaming Month started over at and aims to use the slow gaming month of July as a time to delve into our unfinished and unplayed game collection and reduce our pile of shame.

Why I Failed Shameless Gaming Month

PXOD guest contributor Trjn ran a piece at the end of June that declared July to be “Shameless Gaming Month“, that magical time of the year where there’s not a lot of titles coming out so you can power through your backlog. I, however, failed spectacularly, and haven’t finished a single game. Here’s why.