Things To Pass Time Before Final Fantasy XV Releases

There’s less than two weeks until the release of Final Fantasy XV. Previously announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII with the “Somnus” trailer all the way back in 2006 near the launch of the PS3 it’s since changed directors, platform, name and even a fair bit of the story and characters. Now it’s looking to… Continue reading Things To Pass Time Before Final Fantasy XV Releases

Friday Freeloader: Lost Vikings & Rock N Roll Racing and some random mortuary news

Blizzard, famed creators of super-duper popular MMO World of Warcraft weren’t always this big and famous. Back in the day, under the name “Silicon & Synapse” they released their first game to the SNES; The Lost Vikings. Now many years and billions of dollars of WoW subscriptions later you can grab their first game for… Continue reading Friday Freeloader: Lost Vikings & Rock N Roll Racing and some random mortuary news

Keeping On Top Of Your Games

As the years pass, and generations of consoles pass us by, so grows our gaming library. But how do you keep track of a library of games, especially in an age where it’s not as simple as looking at your shelf? I’ve had a hunt about for some of the best ways to accomplish this.

Drinking Games

For those of you legally able to drink you may wish to check out The Drunken Moogle. It’s a blog focusing on combining your love of video games with the impairing effects of alcohol. Which, in some cases, isn’t a bad thing.

Friday Freeloader: Portal

Valve’s critical hit Portal is now free for all. It had previously gone free alongside the launch of Steam on Mac last year but now it seems the new price tag is here to stay.

Check Out the X-Talk Forums

The action at Press X or Die doesn’t just stop at these articles. Hop onto X-Talk, our very own forum, to chat about the latest and greatest games, current trends, films, and much more. Getting there is simple, just hit that friendly “X-Talk” button up top. Have a click of those other buttons to check our… Continue reading Check Out the X-Talk Forums

Beat The Backlog

Backlogs. Damn backlogs. We’ve all got them. I’m almost certain Steam sales were introduced to make sure we have them. I can’t guarantee this site will help you power through those games, but it may help you decide what to tackle next.

Five Awesome Games You Can Play On Your Netbook

The iPad and similar tablet devices have been getting all the media love lately, as your poor netbook keeps chuggin’ along outside the spotlight. But did you know it can run some amazing games Apple’s shiny new toy can only dream of?