Things To Pass Time Before Final Fantasy XV Releases

There’s less than two weeks until the release of Final Fantasy XV. Previously announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII with the “Somnus” trailer all the way back in 2006 near the launch of the PS3 it’s since changed directors, platform, name and even a fair bit of the story and characters. Now it’s looking to… Continue reading Things To Pass Time Before Final Fantasy XV Releases

Bayonetta 2 From All Angles

A sequel to Bayonetta is in development at Platinum games. Bayonetta is surely one of the studio’s more popular titles, so this is not so strange. What is strange is that this game is being produced and published by Nintendo, and is releasing exclusively on the Wii U. At the time of announcement many reactions… Continue reading Bayonetta 2 From All Angles

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Hands-On: Wrack

Some time ago, a game under development caught my eye. Strongly influenced by classics such as Wolfenstien 3D and Doom, Wrack brings the player back to a simpler time in FPS history. The demo build I received from the developers, Final Boss Entertainment, may only have contained three levels but it was enough to make… Continue reading Hands-On: Wrack

Quick Fix: Puzzlejuice

Most puzzle games on the iOS platform are built to be time-killers, nothing more than simple little experiences that make your wait for the morning commute a little more bearable. Sure, they’re a sight better than twiddling your thumbs, but deep down, puzzle fans crave something that isn’t just meant to kill five minutes.

A Tour of Steam Mobile Beta

Today Steam released “Steam Mobile”, an app for iOS and Android devices. It’s currently a closed beta, with invites slowly rolling out across the Steam user base. Lucky for you guys I got in so I can give you a glimpse of what’s in store.

Preview: Journey

It's a loooooong way away.

Here in England, GameCity, a games festival, has just wrapped up. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend a lot of the events there, but one thing I made doubly sure I had time for was a live demonstration of Journey, the forthcoming game from ThatGameCompany.

Preview: SSX

So, SSX is back. The popular Snowboarding franchise from last generation has returned but is it a glorious comeback or a cash in on a much loved name?

Eyefinity and more at Texas Gamexperience

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Gamexperience hosted by AMD and HardOCP.  The show had several interesting things to see but the focus was definitely on the Eyefinity technology by AMD. They also had some extremly cool projectors and gave a lot of tips for projection. Eyefinity is AMD’s solution for multi-monitor… Continue reading Eyefinity and more at Texas Gamexperience

At A Glance: Europa Universalis 3

As someone who’s not a huge fan of strategy games, there’s something strangely alluring about Europa Universalis 3. Whether it’s just the sheer volume of what’s going on within the game (and there usually is, whether you can see it past the Fog of War or not), or the amount of scrutinising over decisions that… Continue reading At A Glance: Europa Universalis 3

Dead Island Gameplay Trailer

When it comes to zombie games most of us have had just about enough, so when publisher Deep Silver announced their new survival-horror title Dead Island with little more than a few screenshots and pre-rendered trailers it was met with cynical caution, if not outright disdain. The sheer number of zombie and zombie-related titles released… Continue reading Dead Island Gameplay Trailer

Minecraft Meets Medal of Honour

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six or seven months then I’m sure you’ve heard about Minecraft, the open world, build anything sandbox game that’s become a phenomenon among gamers, even though it’s still in beta. But while thousands praise it, there are many who aren’t fans of it, myself included,… Continue reading Minecraft Meets Medal of Honour