New Battle System Patented by Square Enix

Square Enix 2

It seems that Square Enix has filed a patent for a new battle system with Tetsuya Nomura named as the inventor.

I don’t really understand patents very well but I’ll give it go.


The picture above shows that the main character can switch to a temporary character. Figure 5 in the picture below suggests that by switching characters, the main character can inherit HP, Stats, Special Abilities, etc.


Figure 6 appears to show the average flow of battle. Seems fairly simple.


Figure 7B seems to be detailing the process of character switching, I’m not exactly sure what some of this means but if any readers have any ideas, feel free to share in the comments section.


Figure 3 looks like it shows how the camera works, in Figure 3a, the cameras are shown in the diagram whilst Figures 3b & c show how it would look through those cameras once the characters are switched.


I think Figure 4 is detailing the character switching process, once a character is selected, they’re Level, HP and Special Abilities are shown and the switch is made.


And this appears to be the device it was meant to be played on, it looks a lot like a PSP but there are some new things on it that I’ve never seen before.

Also, just a little note, my copy of Final Fantasy XIII has just arrived from Japan, I hope to have a review of it ready soon.

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  1. I think the PSP drawing is the most interesting part. It could just be a rough sketch or might even be the rumored PSP 4000. The D pad looks very different, some new button about the Dpad. I also wonder what #4 is?

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