FFXIV has release date and more info

finalfantasyXIV Upcoming Square-Enix MMO Final Fantasy XIV has been dated for release on PC for September 22. Which strikes me as quite soon, and very bad timing for my university education. The PS3 version will not be released until March next year. I guess it’s easier to release to PC, fix all the bugs that will no doubt be around for the first few months of the game, then work that all into the PS3 release along with any optimizations.

On top of this news SE have also announced a shiny collectors edition consisting of standard CE fare:

    • Travel Journal and Concept art
    • Making-of DVD
    • FFXIV tumbler
    • Onion Helm in-game item
    • Map of Eorzea
    • Security token (I assume like WoWs)
    • and your standard 30-day free game play along with a guest pass for a friend

Subscription fees have also been pegged at £8.99/month, with £2.10/month for each new character. Which to me sounds a bit harsh. I always liked to experiment when starting an MMO, this would make that a bit expensive. No idea if this was the same model on FFXI though.

The beta, which is still accepting applications as well as the FFXIII voucher, will be starting in July. No idea when the PS3 beta starts. If you want to test if your PC is up to snuff (it’s certainly not as low on resources as WoW) there’s a benchmark available here.

Bumper news day for FFXIV info over.


FFXIV info @ MCV

By Dean Bowes

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  1. Wow, that sounds horrible. I can’t believe they’d carry over the paid toons from FF11. It was only single dollar in that one so hopefully it stays the same.

    Also a very bad idea to release the PS3 version so much later. They’ll have to then catch up with all the PC gamers and there’ll be a huge influx of noobs for those used to the game by that point.

    Seems like a very bad idea.

  2. Continuous influx of newbs is always a good thing, especially a large chunk at once like the PS3 release would give. I started in WoW late and starting up is a pain. Which is why Cataclysm is so wanted, means loads of folks will be jumping back to the start all over again.
    Then again there’s no confirmation that PS3 and PC will be playing together.

  3. I’ll probably end up getting it for PS3 too. Hopefully it’s got m/kn support since the PS3 does support it.

    Also Dean they HAVE confirmed that there’ll be cross platform play between PS3 and PC. That’s one of the reasons it’s not on 360, MS doesn’t like the idea of cross platform play with PS3 to much.

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