Why I Failed Shameless Gaming Month

PXOD guest contributor Trjn ran a piece at the end of June that declared July to be “Shameless Gaming Month“, that magical time of the year where there’s not a lot of titles coming out so you can power through your backlog. I, however, failed spectacularly, and haven’t finished a single game. Here’s why.

British Academy Video Game Awards 2011

This year’s VG BAFTAs (which this is the first year I’ve noticed they’re BAVGAs) was once again hosted by the ever funny and avid gamer Dara O’Brian. He warmed up the night making quips about the magical healing properties of hiding behind a wall, suggesting the inclusion of a zombie mode to FIFA, and questioning… Continue reading British Academy Video Game Awards 2011

Leading The Shepard

…or ‘What a hugely successful videogame series can learn from a TV show cancelled during its first season.’ There’s constant discussion on how videogames can learn from films or how games such as Uncharted 2 are ‘just like films!’ In terms of writing, at least, I feel that idea is a little misguided. Videogames should… Continue reading Leading The Shepard

Meet The New Boss. Same As The Old Boss?

If there’s one constant in videogames it’s the boss fight. Across genres, from Mario to Mass Effect: they’re here to stay. But why do we have them? Are they a relic of gaming past? Or an essential aspect of games?