Final Fantasy XIV Beta Announced

Square Enix are looking for beta participants for the PC version of there upcoming MMORPG FFXIV.

This seems to be the real deal for beta testing, not one of those ‘demo-named-beta for pre-orders’ type things you get recently.

As you’ve no doubt worked out the beta would give you the chance to get a sneek peak at the new MMO, as well as a free MMO to play for a while.

I would guess that they’ll be looking for experienced MMO’ers, specifically ex-XI guys, though new guys may have equal chance to get in. Requirements don’t seem too strenous, and its all worth a try to get in if you’re intrested in the game.

Now I’m not so sure how long beta’s for MMOs tend to last, but this could be a good indication the game will hit within 2010. I’m sure they won’t be beta testing for over a year.

If you get in and there’s no NDA, pics and impression articles will be greatly welcome :D

More details and the small print in the link:

Final Fantasy XIV Beta

By Dean Bowes

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