Review: Space Invaders – Infinity Gene

It’s been around for largely around 31 years, and it’s still kicking around today – the mack daddy of gaming, Space Invaders is back in 2010 and it’s a drastically different experience than it was a those years ago. Infinity Gene – released towards the end of the last year on the iPod and iPhone… Continue reading Review: Space Invaders – Infinity Gene

Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light Gets A Release Date

Tomb Raider’s series revamp Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light got a release date this evening, courtesy of developer Crystal Dynamics’ Twitter feed. The game will be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on August the 18th, as part of the Xbox Summer of Arcade initiative that will also see the release of games… Continue reading Lara Croft and the Guardian Of Light Gets A Release Date

FFXIV has release date and more info

Upcoming Square-Enix MMO Final Fantasy XIV has been dated for release on PC for September 22. Which strikes me as quite soon, and very bad timing for my university education. The PS3 version will not be released until March next year. I guess it’s easier to release to PC, fix all the bugs that will… Continue reading FFXIV has release date and more info

Guest Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII

By Rachel Fogg :DISCLAIMER-This is simply my humble impression of the JP final build, nothing more or less, things may be altered in the Widerelease of XIII. I don’t know. Game was completed with assistance with my friend.: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I recall about a week ago, I said I was going over to… Continue reading Guest Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII

Footage of Fortress aka ‘FFXII-2’

Some leaked tech footage of Fortress. This is belived to be from Grins work, so quite possibly nothing like what the final project will become. [youtube=] Fortress was originally worked on by Grin before their closure. After the closure concept art and various assets were leaked and we all got a good glimpse of this western made Final Fantasy game.… Continue reading Footage of Fortress aka ‘FFXII-2’