Founded in 2009 Press X or Die aims to bring you the gaming news no one else does. The larger sites do a decent job of covering the big hitting games and larger stories, so why join in?

Our bread and butter is gaming news, the juicy filling in the PXOD sandwich being original writing on a variety of gaming topics, reviews,  mainly indie titles, and our guest articles.

We have writers of all ages, platforms and nations. This should help bring us articles from all kinds of backgrounds with a proper melting pot experience to bring unique angles on the articles as well as news from around the world.

However even with our broad range of writers we don’t get everything. So we welcome guest articles from our readers, be it original writing, reviews, or even news reports. If you’re at all interested on getting your work published on the site just contact us at contact@pressxordie.com
Lets see what you can bring to the table.

Comments on articles are welcome. We’re running Disqus which should make it a snap to join in on the discussion.

Just be polite, constructive and as usual; no trolls.

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