The Failure of the Mainstream Beta

At some point during a board meeting, in between puffs of expensive-cigar smoke, jokes at the expense of the working class, and with classical music playing in the background, some head of marketing successfully pitched the idea of using a round of video game “Beta testing” as a marketing tool.

Darkspore to Enter Testing

Darkspore, an upcoming sci-fi action-RPG based on EA’s Spore franchise looks to be preparing to enter testing.  An e-mail sent out to EA’s newsletter subscribers offers them the chance to sign up for the beta testing.  No details are given as to when the testing will start or how testers will be selected, but we’ll… Continue reading Darkspore to Enter Testing

FFXIV has release date and more info

Upcoming Square-Enix MMO Final Fantasy XIV has been dated for release on PC for September 22. Which strikes me as quite soon, and very bad timing for my university education. The PS3 version will not be released until March next year. I guess it’s easier to release to PC, fix all the bugs that will… Continue reading FFXIV has release date and more info

Guest Article: Star Trek Online Beta Impressions

By Koztah Being one of the lucky many to get into the Star Trek Online open beta, here are a set of first and second impressions. Note – this was first posted as a comment on Kotaku. Seeing as I have played more since, it’s been updated with extra content and screenshots for Press X… Continue reading Guest Article: Star Trek Online Beta Impressions

ModNation Racers Beta Impressions: Round Two

From what little of the it United Front Games have shown ModNation Racers appears to very similar to 2008’s LittleBigPlanet, even going as far as to use a modified version of the games catch phrase “Race, Create, Share”. Although the game features heavy character and level customization that’s really where the similarities end. ModNation Racers,… Continue reading ModNation Racers Beta Impressions: Round Two