Elemental: War of Magic Gameplay Videos Pop up

Elemental: War of Magic is an ambitious RPG/TBS game from Stardock due 24th August. Elemental draws upon Stardocks past experience of 4X titles, like it’s cult hit Sins of a Solar Empire, and combines them with an RPG flair all hinged down with their new Impulse Reactor multiplayer service. Elemental looks to provide a very… Continue reading Elemental: War of Magic Gameplay Videos Pop up

Review: Limbo

Limbo is a sidescrolling platformer for Xbox Live Arcade created by Danish developer PlayDead Studios.  The game’s apparent simplicity belies devilish level design, and its striking visual and audio styles are superbly orchestrated to create a lonely and foreboding atmosphere.  Though wonderfully crafted, the game is only a few hours long, and at 1200 Microsoft… Continue reading Review: Limbo

Footage of Fortress aka ‘FFXII-2’

Some leaked tech footage of Fortress. This is belived to be from Grins work, so quite possibly nothing like what the final project will become. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1U_0EoWkIE] Fortress was originally worked on by Grin before their closure. After the closure concept art and various assets were leaked and we all got a good glimpse of this western made Final Fantasy game.… Continue reading Footage of Fortress aka ‘FFXII-2’

New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

Can’t wait to get your hands on the next in the Final Fantasy series, XIII? Unfortunately, us westerners have to wait until next March but the wait in Japan is almost at an end, to add to the final hype, Square released a handful of new screenshots.