Footage of Fortress aka ‘FFXII-2’

Some leaked tech footage of Fortress. This is belived to be from Grins work, so quite possibly nothing like what the final project will become.


Fortress was originally worked on by Grin before their closure. After the closure concept art and various assets were leaked and we all got a good glimpse of this western made Final Fantasy game. The game seems to be a real time RPG, a far cry from traditional main series FF titles. My take (in no way influenced by my current game) is that it looks like a rather colourful Demons Souls. It’s only tech footage so we don’t get much to look at beyond..what it looks like. So not much on combat mechanics, story, gameplay, though you get a glimpse of a chocobo :D.

The current studio working on the project is unknown, though Eidos is a good bet after their buyout by Square last year.

Fortress @ FF Wikia

Fortress Concept Art

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