Dual Review: Legend of Grimrock

In our modern, indie- and mobile-friendly games market, the term “old school” gets bandied about frequently, the label haphazardly applied to any phone or PC game with 8-bit character art or a chiptune soundtrack. But the recent dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock from newcomers Almost Human Games actually earns its right to wear the title… Continue reading Dual Review: Legend of Grimrock

Check out Indie Games Developer

Launched just the other day, Indie Games Developer is a free to read online magazine. Available in both flash and PDF form it’s something great to pass some of the weekend.

Review: The Binding of Isaac

I showed The Binding of Isaac to my nine year old brother. Only in passing, as some of the content in there, I wouldn’t want him to see. He said, “Is it like Zelda?” to which I replied, “Well, sort of.”

Tiny Build Games Upload Own Game To Piratebay

Tiny Build Games, creators of “No Time to Explain” decided that if you can’t beat them, you may as well join them, by uploading their own game to The Pirate Bay. The upload even came with matching pirate theme, which is what tipped TorrentFreak off that this wasn’t your average game torrent.

Review: Blocks That Matter

Blocks That Matter is about intrigue, deception and, most of all, love. The power of love towards all things blocky. It is a tribute to games with blocks. And why not? Blocks are great. My first ever gaming experience was smashing a block as Alex Kidd. Only his blocks didn’t matter all that much (poor… Continue reading Review: Blocks That Matter

Review: Solar 2

Think back to when you used to play Grand Theft Auto 2 until the wee morning hours: did you, in the midst of the intense bloodshed and reckless sidewalk surfing, ever think to your past self, “Self, this game would transcend to true greatness, if and only if it were set in space, and I… Continue reading Review: Solar 2

Review: Defy Gravity Extended

Nailing that feeling of satisfaction when you’ve figured out a solution to the task at hand is very difficult. Not all mechanics allow it and not all games offer more than one route from point A to point B. I believe gravity manipulation and physics-based gameplay is one of the greatest things gaming has bothered… Continue reading Review: Defy Gravity Extended

Review: Tobe’s Vertical Adventure

The amount of effort required to make a PC game work properly shouldn’t go beyond resolution settings and keybinds. As I’ve possibly mentioned in some previous reviews, if you’re not comfortable while playing the game, it feels more like a chore. Despite the rather negative opening, “Tobe’s Vertical Adventure” from Secret Base doesn’t exactly cripple… Continue reading Review: Tobe’s Vertical Adventure