Press X or Die Game of the Year 2011

Our nominations have been put forward, we’ve each had our piece on what we think should be our Game of the Year, and why. After sitting down and deciding which of these games was most deserving, we came to a final conclusion. And so, our choice for Game of the Year 2011 is…


There are, by and large, two sorts of sequels in the gaming industry: sequels that publishers demand because they are guaranteed hits that will contribute to a company’s bottom line; and sequels that need to be made, that deserve to be developed, because the mechanics, characters, or design of the original game deserve to be… Continue reading REVIEW: PORTAL 2

Rumour: Portal 2 Achievements In The Wild

French achievement-tracking site “Success Full” have posted what appears to be the full list of Portal 2 Achievements; giving you a glimpse into the story and co-op challenge modes. In the interest of spoilers I suggest you stop reading around about now.