Who is SteamOS For?

Today, Valve announced the first stage of their living room takeover: SteamOS. A Linux distro built with PC gaming in mind to be launched in 2014. Their announcement promises much, but some key details are missing and I begin to wonder who SteamOS is for and in what scenarios Valve envisage it.

A Tour of Steam Mobile Beta

Today Steam released “Steam Mobile”, an app for iOS and Android devices. It’s currently a closed beta, with invites slowly rolling out across the Steam user base. Lucky for you guys I got in so I can give you a glimpse of what’s in store.

Interview with Cakebread, creator of the Stanley Parable

The Internet is currently on fire because of the Stanley Parable, a quite different Half-Life 2 mod. We had the opportunity to talk to the creator about it. The interview contains spoilers, so if you haven’t played the game yet, do so right now. Preferably without watching the trailer or reading up on it.  Thanks… Continue reading Interview with Cakebread, creator of the Stanley Parable

Rumour: Portal 2 Achievements In The Wild

French achievement-tracking site “Success Full” have posted what appears to be the full list of Portal 2 Achievements; giving you a glimpse into the story and co-op challenge modes. In the interest of spoilers I suggest you stop reading around about now.

Valve launch ‘Steam Wallet Beta’

In a fairly low key announcement Valve have launched the beta of ‘Steam Wallet’, a new feature that will allow you to add pre-paid funds into your Steam account. However at the current moment in time it seems to serve no purpose whatsoever.