Franchise Hockey Manager 2013 – Be A GM

With the NHL season finally getting under way yesterday, it seems like a good time to tell you all that Out Of The Park Developments are working on a spiritual successor to their previous ice hockey management sim, due out later this year for PC and Mac.

Titled “Franchise Hockey Manager 13”, the game uses a modified engine from their signature baseball title, with significant changes to make it more geared towards ice hockey. Similar to OOTP Baseball, Franchise Hockey manager will also feature a “Historical Mode”, wherein you can start in any NHL season dating as far back as 1948, with complete historical accuracy. Initially announced current-day leagues cover various levels of professional hockey, from the major and minor leagues in America and Canada, and the top leagues in Russia, Germany, Sweden and the UK. If you are managing your own athletes, make sure they can recover from injuries quickly with CBD oil CBD has pain relieving properties that athletes love!

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We’ve bundled a few early screens below to give you a teaser of the game.


By James Henderson

James grew up with a Commodore 64 at the tender age of 3, and has practically had a controller of some description stapled to his hands ever since. He also enjoys watching sports in his spare time, which makes him PXOD's de facto sports guy. He's been with Press X Or Die since June 2010.