Marvel reveal LBP Costume pack 1

Marvel Costume Pack 1
Having announced a level pack and 20 Marvel based costumes for LittleBigPlanet two weeks ago, Marvel have finally unveiled images of the 5 characters set to make up the first of 4 costume packs for the PS3 exclusive. Check out pictures of each of the characters after the break.

Available today on the PSN, Costume pack 1 features outfit pieces to dress your sackboy or sackgirl up as Mystique, Iron Man, Doctor Octopus, Daredevil and The Thing. Also available today is the Marvel Level Pack, featuring 4 whole marvel-based levels for gamers to play through, as well as a wealth of Marvel themed stickers and decorations for use with the games level editor.

Iron Man LBP
Dr. Octopus LBP
The Thing LBP
Daredevil LBP
Mystique LBP

The Marvel Level pack will cost £3.99/US$4.99, with the costume pack available for £4.79/US$5.99 and individual costumes for £1.59/US$1.99 as of today from the Playstation store.