Game Save Manager

Game Save Manager does what it says on the tin. It will automatically scan through your save files, back them up, and later on restore them. I would say it’s an essential download for all PC gamers. I’ve only being using it for a short while and have already fallen in love with its feature… Continue reading Game Save Manager

Rumour: Portal 2 Achievements In The Wild

French achievement-tracking site “Success Full” have posted what appears to be the full list of Portal 2 Achievements; giving you a glimpse into the story and co-op challenge modes. In the interest of spoilers I suggest you stop reading around about now.

Humble Indie Bundle 2

Earlier this year, Wolfire partnered up with several indie developers, the Electronics Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play to provide gamers with the Humble Indie Bundle, a DRM-free multi-OS pack of 6 indie titles in a ‘pay what you want’ sale. Now, in time for the Christmas spirit, a new bundle has arrived.

World of Warcraft Cheap For You And Friends

As you may know Cataclysm is coming out 7th December. You may also know Christmas is just around the corner (33 days if you’re counting). Blizzard knows both these things too. So in the spirit of the season and bringing back lapsed players and welcoming even more into the fold they’ve got WoW, Burning Crusade… Continue reading World of Warcraft Cheap For You And Friends

Champions Online goes Free-To-Play

Cryptic Studios’ Superhero MMO will soon join the growing roster of MMOs taking up the F2P business model. This means, starting from next year, anyone can hop on board and fight along with the heroes of Millennium City, and spend as little or as much as they want on the game.