Friday Freeloader: Lost Vikings & Rock N Roll Racing

Blizzard, famed creators of super-duper popular MMO World of Warcraft weren’t always this big and famous. Back in the day, under the name “Silicon & Synapse” they released their first game to the SNES; The Lost Vikings. Now many years and billions of dollars of WoW subscriptions later you can grab their first game for… Continue reading Friday Freeloader: Lost Vikings & Rock N Roll Racing

Friday Freeloader: Portal

Valve’s critical hit Portal is now free for all. It had previously gone free alongside the launch of Steam on Mac last year but now it seems the new price tag is here to stay.

Friday Freeloader: Warsow

Warsow is the star of this weeks Friday Freeloader. It’s a simple twitch-based online FPS with all your standard multi-player FPS game modes with a nice variety of weapons and a great visual style. If you’re burned out on your Modern Warfare’s and Battlefields and want something to spice up your shooter routine then Warsow… Continue reading Friday Freeloader: Warsow