Free to Play: Team Fortress 2

Out five years this year, Team Fortress 2 has been played and enjoyed by millions. After a year as a free-to-play game, has Team Fortress 2 retained its unique blend of class-based fun or has the weight of all the items on the Mann Store and all those free-to-play gamers crushed the quality of this… Continue reading Free to Play: Team Fortress 2


As hinted ‘Friendship Ends in One Day’, and now its come down to War! Click the links to be whisked away to one of two pages each containing a heartfelt rally to war on each opposing side. Each class will be receiving the 3 new weapons. But each class has a chance to unlock a… Continue reading WAR!!!

Friendship Ends in One Day

Yesterdays TF2 update added some mysterious new sound bites to the Administrator. Mostly concerning friends it set the internet ablaze with speculation on what it all means. Many guessed that it was to do with Steam Friends playing on your side, with our only hint being to listen to who these sound bites are yelled at. Well the TF2blog has updated with a new… Continue reading Friendship Ends in One Day