Design a Starship for EVE and Win Some Goodies


DeviantArt, the artist social network site, is currently hosting a competition in collaboration with CCP for members of the community to design a spaceship that will be put into EVE.


Current entries range from obvious jokes to high class pieces, and you can see more here. All methods of art creation are welcome, from Photoshop, drawings to 3D artwork, as long as they are posted in the style of a workable model sheet, though adding in a fully shaded fancy view is also welcome. There’s some more official rules, copyright stuff, and nitty gritty available ere in the official rules.

All entrants will get a ‘special gift’ for EVE meaning everyone wins at least something. The 15 finalists get $50 iTunes vouchers, with the 3 finalists getting premium DeviantArt accounts, iPads, Wacom tablets, cash, some t-shirts and a few other goodies as well as the winner getting the ship in the game.

If you have some artistic skill this could be worth entering, either just for the EVE gift, or with the chance of getting your work put in a game, a good foot in the door if you’re looking to join the games industry.

More details at the link below;

EVE Starship Contest @ DeviantArt

By Dean Bowes

Founder of the site. Based in Britian I'm primarily a PC gamer, looking to spread my wings to the best the games industry has to offer.