The Humble Indie Bundle

I know we haven’t updated for a while due to time constraints on all of us here but I felt that this deserved sharing. Indie game dev Wolfire has teamed up with other popular indie devs to bring you The Humble Indie Bundle, a group of five indie games, World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru… Continue reading The Humble Indie Bundle

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Bit-Tech look at UK Game Industry

This week British online mag Bit-Tech are doing ‘Made in the UK Week’, a week long look at the UK game industry over the past 40 years and its various stars. It’s currently on day two (well Day three most likely now) and have 2 articles for you to catch up on.

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The Robust ModNation Racers Character Creator

Gaming site GamesRadar has filtered through the piles of shit to find these incredibly well done renditions of video game characters, new and old, and compile them on their site. Even if your not interested in the game itself, you should at least take a look at these, just to see what kinds of crazy… Continue reading The Robust ModNation Racers Character Creator

“Videogame Minimalism”

InfinteContinues has posted a Flickr collection of well known and loved videogame characters broken down to their simple geometric shapes. If you ask me this is quiet a cool way to show which characters are truly iconic, even in a raw form you can still easily identify them. Also makes for some pretty neat avatars.… Continue reading “Videogame Minimalism”

Merry Crystmas

Just got an email in my inbox alerting me to a Crysis Wars trail period coming around. Those of you familiar with Steams weekends these work in much the same way. Sign up at MyCrysis , Then when 19th comes around you have 10 days to hop in and play Crysis Wars, the multiplayer component of Crysis,… Continue reading Merry Crystmas

Epic add Epic Amount of Tutorials

Last month Epic released the Unreal UDK for free. A kit that should allow budding bedroom game designers to build their own games using the massively popular Unreal middleware behind such games as Gears of War, Mass Effect and of course Unreal Tournament. Now a month later They’ve uploaded over 160 tutorial videos showing how… Continue reading Epic add Epic Amount of Tutorials

IMFDB – IMDB for Guns

International Movie Firearms database covers guns from Films, TV, games and anime. It’s a Wiki layout, and very easy to search through categories to find what you want. Obviously we’re most interested in the guns featured in games. It has a rather large selection of games. From as far back as Doom to as recent as Modern Warfare 2. It unfortunately doesn’t cover made up weapons, so… Continue reading IMFDB – IMDB for Guns