Xbox 360 S hits UK

After being announced to tremendous applause at Microsoft’s E3 press conference last month and taking the US by storm, the redesigned ‘Slim’ Xbox 360 has been released in the UK.

Videogame Music recognised by Prestigious Award

The world famous (what, you’ve not heard of it?) Ivor Novello Awards will this year have a category dedicated to Video Game music. ‘Best Original Video Game Score’ will be joining current categories that include ‘Best Contemporary Song’, ‘Best Television Soundtrack’, and ‘Best Original Film Score’.

No Tax Breaks for UK Games Industry

Today was The Budget, for our international readers that’s the day when the Treasurer pops out with a red briefcase and tells us how poor we are, how we are going to spend money we don’t have to pay of our deficit, and how he plans on raising that money(taxes!)

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