Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising

When considering Kid Icarus: Uprising there’s really only one question you need to ask.  How seriously do you take your video games?  There are different ways to take your video games seriously.  Some people invest themselves intellectually and emotionally into single player narratives, watching storytelling in the medium evolve and occasionally are deeply moved themselves. … Continue reading Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Review: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

How do you approach reviewing a game like Ocarina of Time? How do you review a game so universally acclaimed by critics and loved by fans? If you’ve been gaming for any length of time then certainly you’ve heard the crazy amounts of praise the original game has received, and rightly so, it brought an… Continue reading Review: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

The Trials and Tribulations of Saving Games

The Road to Developing Healthy Eating Habits Eating healthy is something we learn when we are young. We are taught the different food groups and how much we need to eat to be healthy. But now, healthy eating is associated with dieting or losing weight. Why is that?    This might be because our society is… Continue reading The Trials and Tribulations of Saving Games

Roundtable: Nintendo E3 2011

The last of the hardware giants, Nintendo, held their conference Tuesday morning, showing off a slew of games for the 3DS. But perhaps most importantly, they dropped the Wii U bomb, announcing a brand new HD console with a screen built into the controller.

3DS Price Revealed?

At E3, Nintendo showed off the 3DS, it was very impressive but they didn’t give a price for it. GAME’s Swedish site lists the price at 2,799.00 kr which is about £250 or $360. Quite expensive but the website does say that the price is preliminary and subject to change. It also says that it… Continue reading 3DS Price Revealed?