Dual Review: Legend of Grimrock

In our modern, indie- and mobile-friendly games market, the term “old school” gets bandied about frequently, the label haphazardly applied to any phone or PC game with 8-bit character art or a chiptune soundtrack. But the recent dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock from newcomers Almost Human Games actually earns its right to wear the title… Continue reading Dual Review: Legend of Grimrock

Review: Solar 2

Think back to when you used to play Grand Theft Auto 2 until the wee morning hours: did you, in the midst of the intense bloodshed and reckless sidewalk surfing, ever think to your past self, “Self, this game would transcend to true greatness, if and only if it were set in space, and I… Continue reading Review: Solar 2

Take a Musical Detour

Indie strategy game Detour is out on Steam, and it’s pretty fun. We will, however, reserve definitive judgment for our full review coming soon; in the meantime, the soundtrack has been made available for free.

Review: gShift

In the vein of recent perspective-shifting games such as VVVVVV and And Yet It Moves, gShift tries its hand, and mostly succeeds, at creating an engaging platformer with a unique twist. I like it. I like it a lot.

Retrospective: TIE Fighter

My favorite flight sim features zero flyable airplanes, no actual historical battles, and has no realistic physics or damage modeling. In fact, it’s set in space in a fictional universe with implausible science, such as lasers that don’t hit their targets at the speed of light, and swords made of energy beams that arbitrarily stop… Continue reading Retrospective: TIE Fighter

Review: Fortix 2

Based on the same basic rules as classic arcade game Qix, Fortix 2 attempts to modernize the cobweb-covered formula, adding elements and bits and pieces and extending the premise to cover the length of the campaign, but ultimately comes up short on several bases.