Friday Freeloader Roundup

There are too many free games this week for us to focus on just one, so we’ll do an old-fashioned roundup for your perusal.

Team Fortress 2

The biggie this week is, of course, Team Fortress 2, Valve’s four-year-old team-based first-person shooter, which the company announced on Thursday would be completely free to play forever. Unlike most micro-transaction based games, though, every map and class is unlocked for free-to-play users for unlimited free gameplay, with the only cash being generated by optional cosmetic “hats” and other weapons and accessories available via the in-game store.

Source: Steam

Steam Free2Play Titles

In addition to Valve’s multiplayer darling, a barrage of other micro-transaction-based Free2Play titles was launched on Steam last week. They vary in quality and genre, but try out a couple and see what resonates with you. Here’s a full list of the games available:

1.) Global Agenda: Free Agent

2.) Champions Online: Free For All

3.)  Spiral Knights

4.) Alliance of Valiant Arms

5.) Forsaken World

Source: Steam Free to Play Section


Our final featured free title is Proun, an indie psychedelic racing game that looks to bring a unique take to the genre. Now, the game is made available for download totally free, but the dev is using a “pay-what-you-want” policy, so throw some cash his way if you end up liking what you play: you can even play now and pay later if you so choose.

Via: RPS

Source: Proun Official Site

By Kyle Mann

Gaming enthusiast and writer for Press X Or Die. I game on my PC, as well as my Nintendo consoles and handhelds.