The Surprise Killer Feature of the Vita

So, the Vita has launched today and some of our writers and readers are playing with theirs as I type. While I do not own one myself I have observed the biggest part of the Vita that may play into its future growth: The Twitter app.

Gamescom hands-on – Kinect

Right down the south entrance of the Cologne Exhibition Centre, Hall 8 featured many of the big names of the gaming industry. Wasting no time before the masses arrived, I visited the first area that crossed my line of sight, the Microsoft Kinect booth. I should say booths, actually – the company’s area included several… Continue reading Gamescom hands-on – Kinect

Review: Blur

Bizarre Creations latest foray into the racing genre since leaving Project Gotham Racing behind them is an attempt to hybridise two tangents that racing games have split off into: the Kart racing, combat driven gameplay of titles such as Mario Kart and Modnation Racers, with the real world locations and cars of series like PGR and Burnout. But is Blur something of a bizarre mishmash of gameplay styles best left seperated, or is an example of two great tastes that taste great together?