Free to Play: Team Fortress 2

Out five years this year, Team Fortress 2 has been played and enjoyed by millions. After a year as a free-to-play game, has Team Fortress 2 retained its unique blend of class-based fun or has the weight of all the items on the Mann Store and all those free-to-play gamers crushed the quality of this… Continue reading Free to Play: Team Fortress 2

The Dice Don’t Lie

IMPORTANCE OF BALANCED DIET IN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE The importance of a balanced diet can’t be emphasized enough for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be attained by maintaining a balanced diet and keeping into consideration to meet all the essential nutrients required by the body. A proper meal plan helps to attain ideal body weight and reduce… Continue reading The Dice Don’t Lie

Board Meetings: Munchkin

Board Meetings is a series of articles – or blog posts or whatever you want to call it – about my personal experiences with board and card games. These are not intended as formal reviews, but rather a form of opinion piece about the hobby in general and certain games in particular. Starting at the… Continue reading Board Meetings: Munchkin

How Fighting Games Fail

Is there anything like the rush of a really good fight? Whether in an arcade (read this article to know more about arcades) or in your living room, playing Street Fighter or Tekken, there’s something at the core of fighting games that is just an incomparable experience. There are no powerups, there is no kill… Continue reading How Fighting Games Fail

How Gideon Got His Groove Back – Magic The Gathering and Me

Card games are the most widely understood, if not always the most widely played (though it wouldn’t surprise me), form of tabletop gaming most people will ever encounter. Though there exists a constantly shifting market of different games to play, new indie titles being a regular (albeit short-lived) occurrence, one has always and very probably… Continue reading How Gideon Got His Groove Back – Magic The Gathering and Me

Take a Musical Detour

Indie strategy game Detour is out on Steam, and it’s pretty fun. We will, however, reserve definitive judgment for our full review coming soon; in the meantime, the soundtrack has been made available for free.

Is It Time To Abandon Windows XP?

In May of 2007, Microsoft released a shoddy PC port of the critically acclaimed Xbox shooter Halo 2–a game that was almost 3 years old at that time–in support of its then-new Games for Windows branding and online service initiative. Response was lukewarm to say the least