Review: Jamestown

Jamestown is a title rife with bizarre paradoxes: it’s a four player local co-op shmup–on the PC. It’s set in the troubled colonies of the 17th century–on Mars. It’s a 16-bit era bullet hell shooter–released in 2011. One thing that certainly isn’t a paradox, however, is that it offers exceptionally smooth, tight, graceful game mechanics,… Continue reading Review: Jamestown

Five Awesome Games You Can Play On Your Netbook

The iPad and similar tablet devices have been getting all the media love lately, as your poor netbook keeps chuggin’ along outside the spotlight. But did you know it can run some amazing games Apple’s shiny new toy can only dream of?

Review: Hamilton’s Great Adventure

We’ve covered the adventurous Hamilton a few times already, even giving five witty commenters a copy of the game. How does the Indiana Jones lookalike’s first game stack up? Read on to find out.

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Is It Time To Abandon Windows XP?

In May of 2007, Microsoft released a shoddy PC port of the critically acclaimed Xbox shooter Halo 2–a game that was almost 3 years old at that time–in support of its then-new Games for Windows branding and online service initiative. Response was lukewarm to say the least

Review: Capsized

The jetpack becomes an essential tool to navigate the sometimes-sprawling levels.

Stationed in the frozen tundra of Saskatchewan, Alientrap Games recently released its stylish platforming shooter, Capsized, suiting up the player as an astronaut crash-landed on an apparently hostile planet. At first look, one would be forgiven for associating it with the likes of Contra, Metal Slug, or even Super Metroid; however, its many thrills and… Continue reading Review: Capsized

Super Meat Boy Updated

Team Meat have pushed a hefty update to Super Meat Boy owners via Steam, adding features including a way to sort user-made levels, a recommended chapter tab, and a nifty-sounding mode called “Enter the Unknown” that creates a 20-level chapter comprised of randomly selected highly-rated levels from the portal. Several bug fixes are also included.… Continue reading Super Meat Boy Updated

Watch Frozenbyte Animate a Frog

Indie developer Frozenbyte is keeping fans updated on the progress of its upcoming sequel to Trine, slated for release this summer on XBLA, PSN, Windows, OSX, and Linux. Mikael gives gamers a quick look at how the animation process works in the video below. [youtube=] via Frozenbyte’s blog

1…2…3… Kick It! Concept Art Posted

Dejobaan Games artist Amy posted a few pieces of concept art for the indie studio’s currently-in-alpha frenetic rhythm/action game on the company’s blog. It’s worth a gander if you’re into game design, especially game design with an emphasis on insane(ly awesome) art direction. You can take a look at the rest here and here. via… Continue reading 1…2…3… Kick It! Concept Art Posted


There are, by and large, two sorts of sequels in the gaming industry: sequels that publishers demand because they are guaranteed hits that will contribute to a company‚Äôs bottom line; and sequels that need to be made, that deserve to be developed, because the mechanics, characters, or design of the original game deserve to be… Continue reading REVIEW: PORTAL 2