Things To Pass Time Before Final Fantasy XV Releases

There’s less than two weeks until the release of Final Fantasy XV. Previously announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII with the “Somnus” trailer all the way back in 2006 near the launch of the PS3 it’s since changed directors, platform, name and even a fair bit of the story and characters. Now it’s looking to… Continue reading Things To Pass Time Before Final Fantasy XV Releases

Friday Freeloader: Lost Vikings & Rock N Roll Racing and some random mortuary news

Blizzard, famed creators of super-duper popular MMO World of Warcraft weren’t always this big and famous. Back in the day, under the name “Silicon & Synapse” they released their first game to the SNES; The Lost Vikings. Now many years and billions of dollars of WoW subscriptions later you can grab their first game for… Continue reading Friday Freeloader: Lost Vikings & Rock N Roll Racing and some random mortuary news

Review: Banished

Banished is the little town sim that could. Built by the one man team of Shining Rock Software, the game sees you controlling a group of exiles from small beginnings to a burgeoning town of several hundred people over the space of a hundred years or so.

Press X or Die Games of 2013

Normally, the “Game of the Year” feature on Press X or Die would pan out with us each pitching our top games in the run up to the year’s end and then we’d agree on our overall winner. Nice and simple, and the usual way these things tend to go.

Who is SteamOS For?

Today, Valve announced the first stage of their living room takeover: SteamOS. A Linux distro built with PC gaming in mind to be launched in 2014. Their announcement promises much, but some key details are missing and I begin to wonder who SteamOS is for and in what scenarios Valve envisage it.

What is Holistic Nutrition

Lately, the world seems to be going crazy about nutrition and healthy eating. Every week there is a new shocking breakthrough. The world has discovered a new superfood, previously known unhealthy foods are now healthy, or another ‘guaranteed’ life-changing diet has been discovered. Read out the latest ikaria lean belly juice reviews. Please don’t get… Continue reading What is Holistic Nutrition

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Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube

In early March of this year, Peter Molyneux, a games industry veteran, parted ways with Lionhead and Microsoft after working with them for fifteen and six years, respectively. He embarked on the founding of a new games studio, 22Cans, with several other Lionhead veterans, and they have now released their first… experiment: Curiosity – What’s… Continue reading Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube

Shameless Gaming Month 2012

Shameless Gaming Month 2012 is upon us. Shameless Gaming Month started over at and aims to use the slow gaming month of July as a time to delve into our unfinished and unplayed game collection and reduce our pile of shame.

SavyGamer Celebrates Five Years of Existence with a Celebratory Sale

UK video game deals site SavyGamer celebrates it’s fifth anniversary today. Founded by Lewie Proctor, who occasionally lends his pen to a number of gaming sites as well as running the weekly “Bargain Bucket” on RockPaperShotgun, the site gathers the best deals around the web and the UK for thrifty gamers.

Original Prince of Persia Source Code Rescued

Prince of Persia first hit gamers screens 23 years ago on the venerable Apple II. And while a great many ports were made over the years the original source code was lost to the ages. Until  two weeks ago when three 3.5″ floppies were discovered in the back of a cupboard.