Friday Freeloader: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer


It is rare for a console game to grace the Friday Freeloader, and yet here we are with one of the crown jewels of the PlayStation 3 no less. As of this Wednesday Uncharted 3 multiplayer is now free to play up to a level 15 cap.

For those not in the know Uncharted is a third person shooter, with a bit of platforming thrown in here and there. As is mostly standard in online shooters these days you level up as you play, allowing you to unlock weapons, skins, and boosters. There’s 45 levels, so being locked to level 15 can be quite limiting, but if you wish you can pay to unlock the cap to either level 25 or completely. You can also pay to unlock co-op modes, singleplayer campaign, as well as buying the DLC maps. I imagine buying the game in full from your favourite retailer would probably work out cheaper than buying it piecemeal.

Uncharted 3 for F2P @ Playstation Blog

By Dean Bowes

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