Game of the Year 2012

We’ve played the games, we’ve made our cases for our nominees, and we’ve now sat and deliberated and voted on our top game of 2012. And we can now reveal that our winner for Game of the Year 2012 is…

Game of the Year Public Vote 2012

You’ve seen our nominations, now you get to pick your choice for Game of the Year. Select from one of our nominated games, or add in your own. We’ll announce the winner of the public vote alongside the writers’ vote on New Year’s Eve.

My Game of the Year: Mass Effect 3

It’s probably apt that I reached my GOTY decision in a partly mechanical manner. In lieu of my final choice doing anything particularly outstanding, my 130+ hours in its multiplayer mode stands as a testament to its lasting entertainment value and elevated it above other close contenders. Yep, I never expected to be basing my… Continue reading My Game of the Year: Mass Effect 3