BAFTA Games Awards 2013

Once again it is March, once again it is the BAFTA Games Awards, this year deciding it’s BAFTA Games Awards and not the previous British Academy Video Games Awards.  Once again brought to us by Dara O’Briain, talking a bit faster than usual, though this year brining a new round of games.

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British Academy Video Game Awards 2012

Once again it’s March and that means the BAVGAs. Once more hosted by Irish comedian Dara O’Briain. Opening with a terrible “arrow in the knee” joke, then lambasting ITV for its use of ARMA II footage as never-before-seen footage of the IRA.  Surprisingly no quips about the current status of BAVGA sponsor GAME. This year introduces the “Performer” award.

British Academy Video Game Awards 2011

This year’s VG BAFTAs (which this is the first year I’ve noticed they’re BAVGAs) was once again hosted by the ever funny and avid gamer Dara O’Brian. He warmed up the night making quips about the magical healing properties of hiding behind a wall, suggesting the inclusion of a zombie mode to FIFA, and questioning… Continue reading British Academy Video Game Awards 2011