Things To Pass Time Before Final Fantasy XV Releases

There’s less than two weeks until the release of Final Fantasy XV. Previously announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII with the “Somnus” trailer all the way back in 2006 near the launch of the PS3 it’s since changed directors, platform, name and even a fair bit of the story and characters. Now it’s looking to finally be arriving for our playing pleasure after a bit of a bump earlier this year which saw the game delayed from an initial September release.

However Square have not neglected to help you pass this extra time with many side projects released in the run up to Final Fantasy XV as part of the “Final Fantasy XV Universe”. Here’s a sampling of things you can do to help pass the time.


Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood

A short five episode anime, about less than an hour to watch, that follows a short period of the gangs travels, with flashbacks to their youth and developing friendships. It’s all up on Youtube free to watch so worth a watch. A note however is that it’s only dubbed in Japanese, so subtitles will be needed for English speakers.
Watch on Youtube

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Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive

A feature length film set concurrent with the start of the game, taking a look at the events within Insomnia (the home city of Noctis, and capital city of Lucis). Some of the game voice cast reprise their roles however the selling point is Aaron “science, bitch!” Paul as protagonist Nyx, Lena “Cersei Lannister” Headey as Lady Lunefreya, and Sean “You’ll never guess the fate of the king” Bean as King Regis, Noctis’ dad.

Visually it’s stunning, as expected from Square Picture productions over the years, with a story that helps set up some important elements of the game such as how magic works.
Oh there’s also a wee cameo of Diamond Weapon and Knights of the Round.

Available on Amazon, Play Store, iTunes, and on Blu-Ray and DVD at your local video store.

Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo

An internationally available demo, though really it’s more of a tech demo than much else. However it’s pretty short to work through and those that have completed the demo will be able to get Carbuncle in the main game.


Final Fantasy XV: Judgement Disc Demo

Only available in Japan (so far), this demo covers Chapter 0 and Chapter 1 of the game, letting you explore the starting region, play with magic and combat, drive the car, listen to some tunes, and complete a few quests and mobhunts. It’s said to be about an hour to two hours of gameplay but already people have squeezed much more out of it playing with the systems available and uncovering hidden weapons.
Being on the Japan stores only it is in Japanese but I’ve found that it’s not much of an issue to get going, and the Google Translate app can help where you’re stuck. You will need a Japan PSN account to play but there’s plenty YouTube videos with relevant instructions.

Japan Play Store

Justice Monsters V

As with most Final Fantasy games to date Final Fantasy has a mini-game bundled in, you can even play it in the Judgement Disc demo. However if you’re wanting to play it on the go then Square have you covered, and it’s available to download as a mobile game from the App Store and Play Store for iPhone and Android respectively. It plays sort of like pinball but not quite. It’s free so grab it and make your own opinions of it.
App Store | Play Store

Final Fantasy XV will release on 29th November for PS4 and Xbox One.

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