Review: BEEP

Instead of fending off aliens, demons and general apocalypse scenarios, BEEP’s humanity of the future focuses on sending little robots to do something productive, like exploration. These little robots are called BEEPs and they have various functions to aid them in their never-ending quest to explore the Cosmos. They can drive up some walls, they… Continue reading Review: BEEP

Review: Jamestown

Jamestown is a title rife with bizarre paradoxes: it’s a four player local co-op shmup–on the PC. It’s set in the troubled colonies of the 17th century–on Mars. It’s a 16-bit era bullet hell shooter–released in 2011. One thing that certainly isn’t a paradox, however, is that it offers exceptionally smooth, tight, graceful game mechanics,… Continue reading Review: Jamestown

Super Meat Boy Updated

Team Meat have pushed a hefty update to Super Meat Boy owners via Steam, adding features including a way to sort user-made levels, a recommended chapter tab, and a nifty-sounding mode called “Enter the Unknown” that creates a 20-level chapter comprised of randomly selected highly-rated levels from the portal. Several bug fixes are also included.… Continue reading Super Meat Boy Updated

Achievement Unlocked: A Retrospective

As some of you may know this week marks the 5th anniversary of the Xbox 360’s North American launch and along with it came Achievements, loved by some, hated by others but so deeply set in the industry now that they’re not going anywhere. An arbitrary system usually with no other reward than the satisfaction… Continue reading Achievement Unlocked: A Retrospective

Steam Adds Recommendations and Friend Reviews

Steam recently touted that it has over 1,200 games in its catalogue, but how do you find new games and how do you know if a game is any good? Well, Valve have finally added a feature I’ve been screaming from the rooftops for: recommendations and reviews.

Valve launch ‘Steam Wallet Beta’

In a fairly low key announcement Valve have launched the beta of ‘Steam Wallet’, a new feature that will allow you to add pre-paid funds into your Steam account. However at the current moment in time it seems to serve no purpose whatsoever.