Giveaway: Fortix 2

Indie developer Nemesys Games dropped Fortix 2 on Steam last month. I’ve played it. It’s fun. Now’s your chance to win a Steam code for this re-imagining of the classic arcade game Qix.

What horrible things must you do to get your grubby hands on one of the three Steam codes we have hoarded way in the Press X or Die underground lair? Caption the below image; our favorite three captions will get a Steam code via carrier pigeon. Or email. We’ll pick winners in our infinite wisdom on Friday, June 10.

Official Fortix 2 Website

By Kyle Mann

Gaming enthusiast and writer for Press X Or Die. I game on my PC, as well as my Nintendo consoles and handhelds.


  1. “What say you? What say you? I am Isildur’s heir. Fight for me. And I will hold your oaths fulfilled. What say you?”

  2. “Historian Artist’s Rendition Depicting the Founding of the State of New Jersey”

  3. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!
    Everywhere I go, I’m gonna let it shine.
    Hide it under a shield, oh no! I’m going to let it shine.
    Don’t let the Zombies *fooh!* it out, I’m going to let it shine!”

  4. “Billy Mays here with the new Orange Glo for Swords! Why settle for ordinary when your sword can be legendary! Swords, scythes, scabbards, scimitars and sabres, no matter how big or small, Orange Glo for Swords will enchant them all!”

  5. “I kind of think these Axe commercials are beginning to miss the point.”

  6. Hey Glowing Sword™, don’t you think that tree over there is kind of funny? It keeps making growling noises.

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