Review: The Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The use of medical marijuana has expanded rapidly in recent years. With the increased supply and use of medical marijuana, users have had more questions about its health effects. Thankfully, additional research detailing marijuana’s health benefits is being published each year. Read more about vaprzon thc benefits. Clinical evidence has revealed that compounds naturally found… Continue reading Review: The Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Review: Blocks That Matter

Blocks That Matter is about intrigue, deception and, most of all, love. The power of love towards all things blocky. It is a tribute to games with blocks. And why not? Blocks are great. My first ever gaming experience was smashing a block as Alex Kidd. Only his blocks didn’t matter all that much (poor… Continue reading Review: Blocks That Matter

Review: Defy Gravity Extended

Nailing that feeling of satisfaction when you’ve figured out a solution to the task at hand is very difficult. Not all mechanics allow it and not all games offer more than one route from point A to point B. I believe gravity manipulation and physics-based gameplay is one of the greatest things gaming has bothered… Continue reading Review: Defy Gravity Extended

Review: Outland

The 2D platformer is seemingly in something of a renaissance at the moment, certainly evidenced by the surge, or plague depending on your sensibilities, of such titles making it to market in recent years. Particularly popular amongst smaller or independent studios for a number of reasons – a cynical mind might suggest their comparative low… Continue reading Review: Outland

Review: Tobe’s Vertical Adventure

The amount of effort required to make a PC game work properly shouldn’t go beyond resolution settings and keybinds. As I’ve possibly mentioned in some previous reviews, if you’re not comfortable while playing the game, it feels more like a chore. Despite the rather negative opening, “Tobe’s Vertical Adventure” from Secret Base doesn’t exactly cripple… Continue reading Review: Tobe’s Vertical Adventure

Review: Celestial Mechanica

A trailer is a powerful thing. It can hype you up for a game so much that it can be detrimental to the actual product. I have to admit, when Kyle first linked me to Celestial Mechanica’s trailer, my reaction was “OH MY GOD WHY DOES IT LOOK SO AMAZING?!” It hit all the right… Continue reading Review: Celestial Mechanica

Review: BEEP

Instead of fending off aliens, demons and general apocalypse scenarios, BEEP’s humanity of the future focuses on sending little robots to do something productive, like exploration. These little robots are called BEEPs and they have various functions to aid them in their never-ending quest to explore the Cosmos. They can drive up some walls, they… Continue reading Review: BEEP