The Problem with PunkBuster

When I booted up Battlefield 3 for the first time, I was very impressed by the level of polish present. Despite its browser-based setup, the interface was incredibly fluid and easy to navigate, and I found myself awestruck at how simple it was to complete basic functions like joining a friend or finding a game.

Preview: SSX

So, SSX is back. The popular Snowboarding franchise from last generation has returned but is it a glorious comeback or a cash in on a much loved name?

EA’s Newest Platform: Sure-to-fail? Or Cannot-fail?

By RockyRan EA seems to have figured it out. The games they publish don’t have any real problem selling themselves, whether they be BioWare’s latest RPG or their AAA Call-of-Duty-killer. Not only do they not have any real problem publishing their own games to retail space, they even offer their publishing services to other developers… Continue reading EA’s Newest Platform: Sure-to-fail? Or Cannot-fail?

Roundtable: EA & Ubisoft E3 2011

EA and Ubisoft  filled in between Microsoft and Sony. They showed off a few new titles, quite a few sequels, and brought back some old friends from last year’s E3. Follow along with our round table discussion.

Darkspore to Enter Testing

Darkspore, an upcoming sci-fi action-RPG based on EA’s Spore franchise looks to be preparing to enter testing.  An e-mail sent out to EA’s newsletter subscribers offers them the chance to sign up for the beta testing.  No details are given as to when the testing will start or how testers will be selected, but we’ll… Continue reading Darkspore to Enter Testing

Hands-On: Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit

James is at Eurogamer Expo 2010 in London, and while he’s trying to enjoy himself at his first games showcase, he’s also trying to work and get some hands-on time. This is the first of several previews of games featured at this year’s event. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit definitely checks all expected boxes –… Continue reading Hands-On: Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit