Dead Island Gameplay Trailer

When it comes to zombie games most of us have had just about enough, so when publisher Deep Silver announced their new survival-horror title Dead Island with little more than a few screenshots and pre-rendered trailers it was met with cynical caution, if not outright disdain. The sheer number of zombie and zombie-related titles released over the last decade had left the industry fully saturated with gratuitous gore, so why should any of us expect anything new from such a stereotypically-named game?

First among the naysayers – even for a guy who keeps a zombie survival kit in his bedroom closet – and possibly more worn out by the never-ending stream of shambling corpses than most, I still found myself grudgingly intrigued by the concept of a melee-oriented zombie survival game, but simply couldn’t bring myself to be excited without seeing exactly how they intended to pull off such an interesting mechanic.

Well, then they released this trailer:


Okay, I think we can all agree here, that was pretty awesome.

I still have my doubts with how Dead Island will actually play when released (not to mention the PC requirements to run it, considering how beautiful it looks), but just viewing some of the gameplay has put many of my fears to rest, and as E3 draws closer we’ll learn more.

By Jay Gibbs

Writer/illustrator with a passion for games, film, comics, and cooking currently living in Boston, MA. He can usually be spotted searching for original web content or working diligently on any number of projects.