Beat The Backlog

Backlogs. Damn backlogs. We’ve all got them. I’m almost certain Steam sales were introduced to make sure we have them. I can’t guarantee this site will help you power through those games, but it may help you decide what to tackle next.

Witcher Way To Go?

There’s a lot of talk about how The Witcher deals with choices. It just so happens that Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently wrote an article on the subject. Though CD Projekt RED STUDIO deserve respect for this aspect of game design, that’s not what I’m going to talk about. While playing through the game for the first… Continue reading Witcher Way To Go?

Leading The Shepard

…or ‘What a hugely successful videogame series can learn from a TV show cancelled during its first season.’ There’s constant discussion on how videogames can learn from films or how games such as Uncharted 2 are ‘just like films!’ In terms of writing, at least, I feel that idea is a little misguided. Videogames should… Continue reading Leading The Shepard

Meet The New Boss. Same As The Old Boss?

If there’s one constant in videogames it’s the boss fight. Across genres, from Mario to Mass Effect: they’re here to stay. But why do we have them? Are they a relic of gaming past? Or an essential aspect of games?

You say goodbye and I say Halo

With tomorrow comes the release of Bungie’s final Halo game. But instead of trying to ‘Remember Reach’, let us remember some of the greatest moments of Bungie’s Halo campaigns past…

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