Beat The Backlog

Backlogs. Damn backlogs. We’ve all got them. I’m almost certain Steam sales were introduced to make sure we have them. I can’t guarantee this site will help you power through those games, but it may help you decide what to tackle next.

The games are piling up and we’re finding less and less time to play them (well, I am. I’m old). But you’ve got a free weekend coming up. Maybe you can finish that game you’ve been meaning to play. You know the one.

How Long To Beat is a site that records your backlog as well as keeping track of finishing times submitted by users. Not only can you see what games you have left to finish but you also have an idea of how long it will take to do so. It even includes separate categories for just finishing the campaign, beating that and any bonus content/sidequests as well as full-on completionist times (finishing multiple playthroughs and earning all achievements).

If this is part of your backlog, then you may be beyond help. And tidy that stuff up, jeez!

Think you can finish off your free Welcome Back-gifted inFAMOUS this weekend and get onto the sequel? Well, maybe you can! It could take you as little as 11 hours. I say could because the accuracy of the data is dependent upon the users…

Which brings me onto my last point. The site’s still growing and could do with your own completion times as well as any helpful feedback. I’m going to suggest they change the site design. Honestly, who goes for black, white and blue? Terrible…


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