Roll 6 or Die: Guest Review – Terra Mystica

Terra Mystica is a fantasy-themed, area-control Eurogame, released in late 2012 to much anticipation after a very successful stint at Essen 2012. Only recently has the game been readily available due to impressively high demand. It features plenty of deep strategy within every turn, and many unique races, giving it a great deal of replayability.

The Decline of the Japanese Games Industry

By Strangelove “Personally, 80% of the games I play at the moment are not Japanese. Skyrim, Batman… games like that are more interesting to me right now. Japan need to make more good games to make people think otherwise.” -Shinji Mikami

Guest Retrospective: Shin Megami Tensei

By Jake Russell The year is 1992. The place is Japan. With the Super Famicom and Genesis viciously battling for dominance of the video game market, various AAA titles were being released at a constant rate. The major RPG series that loomed over the rest of the market were Dragon Quest V and Final Fantasy… Continue reading Guest Retrospective: Shin Megami Tensei

Possible GM Abuse Disrupting Eve Online?

  There’s a pretty big stink brewing with Eve Online right now. It is possible that a GM is in collusion to help his alternate character’s Corporation by revoking 14 Territorial Claim Units (used for claiming Solar Systems), placed by TEST Alliance before extended server downtime, from star systems IT (GM’s alt Corp) are located… Continue reading Possible GM Abuse Disrupting Eve Online?

Guest Review: Valkyria Chronicles

by Daniel Cabrera Released in 2008 this fusion of RPG, TPS, and RTS also features a unique and colorful art style made possible by the CANVAS engine, after two years it has spanned an anime and manga series, as well as many different series of figures by different manufacturers, and of course, it´s sequel Valkyria… Continue reading Guest Review: Valkyria Chronicles

Gamescom hands-on – Kinect

Right down the south entrance of the Cologne Exhibition Centre, Hall 8 featured many of the big names of the gaming industry. Wasting no time before the masses arrived, I visited the first area that crossed my line of sight, the Microsoft Kinect booth. I should say booths, actually – the company’s area included several… Continue reading Gamescom hands-on – Kinect

Guest Article : EVO Championship 2010

By Mintycrys Since 2002, gamers have flocked to Las Vegas from all corners of the world to participate in the largest fighting game tournament in the country and possibly the world: The EVO Championship Series, or EVO, for short. EVO takes place in mid-July each year and features numerous fighting games based on what is… Continue reading Guest Article : EVO Championship 2010

Guest Article: Why We’re Turning Indie

by Brian Vicari (republished with permission from here) Indie games have grown massively in popularity in the past few years. Advances in distribution have played a large role in this trend – services like XBox Live, Steam, and the Playstation Network have given Indie developers the kind of audience they need to showcase their work… Continue reading Guest Article: Why We’re Turning Indie

Guest Article: Video Games Best 13 Characters with Facial Hair

By Bryan Hall Since the beginning, man has desired hair upon their face. No one really knows why, its lost to the sands of time, like the dodo bird and respectability in politicians (zing! Topical). Our video games reflect this, as some of the most famous gaming icons sport various chin straps and nostril decoration.… Continue reading Guest Article: Video Games Best 13 Characters with Facial Hair

Guest Article: The State of Role Playing Games

By Arionfrost Lately, I have been thinking alot about the state of Role Playing Games, and the people who play them. I feel that we as gamers (I am speaking collectively, you yourself may feel you do not fall into this catagory) are likely the whiny, high-maintanence girlfriend who does everything to make her boyfriend’s… Continue reading Guest Article: The State of Role Playing Games

Guest Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII

By Rachel Fogg :DISCLAIMER-This is simply my humble impression of the JP final build, nothing more or less, things may be altered in the Widerelease of XIII. I don’t know. Game was completed with assistance with my friend.: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I recall about a week ago, I said I was going over to… Continue reading Guest Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII