Shameless Gaming Month

By Trjn

We’ve all got one. Some of ours are rather small, others rather large and imposing. It’s just the natural order of things and we should all be ashamed of it. I’m talking about the collection of games we all own that exist solely to gather dust on our shelves.

This collection is known as the Pile of Shame.

No matter how hard we try, new games will come out before we’ve finished all of our old ones and resisting the urge to purchase shiny new toys is hard.

The end result? An ever-growing pile of shame. Games that have never been completed, or possibly even played, for any number of reasons ranging from disinterest to alien invasions to the distractions of real life.

Maybe not so much the alien invasions.

This pile of shame grows with every new must have release that we plan on playing later, every sale where there are many cheap games that have always looked interesting but not quite interesting enough to pay full price for.

Sure, every once in a while we might pluck a game from our shelf and remove it from the pile of shame, but that happens a lot less often than a game being added to it.

Something must be done about this problem that plagues our community.

Fortunately, July provides us with a month where the supply of new games runs short and the end of financial year sales have ended. That also means that we have a month where we can sit down and make a molehill out of the mountain that is our pile of shame.

There aren’t any particular rules to this endeavour, but the general idea is reasonably simple: play as many games to completion as you can in the month of July.

For the sake of simplicity, completing a game means playing it until you are satisfied that you’re done. That might mean getting a platinum trophy or 1000 gamerscore for it, playing out the single player campaign through to the end credits or simply playing the game up until the point that you want to hurl that disc into the centre of the sun never to be thought of again.

Let us know what games are in your pile of shame and what you’re trying to play as the month progresses. If many people are playing the same game, we can form something not entirely unlike a book club where we can discuss the fun being had by all and sundry.

I plan on playing at least one game from start to finish in a single sitting and record a Let’s Play of it as I go. This has been done before with, the fortunately very brief, Homefront and you can see just how well that went over here.

Unlike Homefront, I hope to play a game that I will enjoy this time. Taking a glance at my pile of shame, the candidates for this night of madness are: Dead Space, Darksiders, Trauma Center: Second Opinion and Uncharted 2. As you can see, these games are all over eight hours long, so I will be in for a long night whatever game I play.

That is what must be done in order to eradicate a pile of shame.

By the end of July, some of us will hopefully uncover a hidden gem in our game collection. Others might find out that the hype behind a certain title was more than a little unfounded. Whatever we discover, our piles of shame should hopefully be considerably smaller which should, at the very least, represent less wasted money.

So claim the comfortable seat directly in front of the television, put aside your life for a month and play some video games.

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You can join us and others in defeating our Pile of Shame over on the forum thread. Unsure how long your games could take you? Check them up using the recently covered How Long To Beat. During the Shameless Gaming Month we will be posting a few great methods to get on top of your pile of shame and tame that beast.

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