Auto Modellista: How Capcom’s Only Racing Game Crashed

Racing games are a tough breed. If you’ve got brand recognition from a tournament, you’re doing alright, but if not, you need to be bringing something totally new to the table in order to make your game endearing. Gran Turismo did it with in-depth realistic modification options, and simulation handling. Forza Motorsport did it with… Continue reading Auto Modellista: How Capcom’s Only Racing Game Crashed

Guest Article : EVO Championship 2010

By Mintycrys Since 2002, gamers have flocked to Las Vegas from all corners of the world to participate in the largest fighting game tournament in the country and possibly the world: The EVO Championship Series, or EVO, for short. EVO takes place in mid-July each year and features numerous fighting games based on what is… Continue reading Guest Article : EVO Championship 2010

Review: Super Street Fighter IV

It seems odd to some that just a little over a year after their previous release of Street Fighter IV, (a game many claim single handily brought fighting games into the limelight) Capcom returns with Super Street Fighter IV. An update that promised more characters, stages, and online options. When first announced many gamers were… Continue reading Review: Super Street Fighter IV