Possible GM Abuse Disrupting Eve Online?


There’s a pretty big stink brewing with Eve Online right now. It is possible that a GM is in collusion to help his alternate character’s Corporation by revoking 14 Territorial Claim Units (used for claiming Solar Systems), placed by TEST Alliance before extended server downtime, from star systems IT (GM’s alt Corp) are located in. Because TEST did this before downtime, the TCUs were able to come online and take ownership without conflict. They (IT) do not have Sovereignty (ownership) of these systems, have never claimed ownership, and have acted in a way which leaves them open to many questions about this behavior and suspected abuse. The Corp in question, is no stranger to allegations of abuse in their favor, as their previous Alliance was disbanded because of the same exact charge: GM Abuse. This previous scandal, led to the creation of a player-run watchdog council in order to keep an eye on the GMs ingame.  

Here’s the tricky part: There were other TCUs that went online during the downtime, and they still stand. It was only those placed by TEST Alliance Please Ignore, and the timing of their drops that happened to “give an unfair advantage”- Senior GM Lelouch

Included are links to current threads, closed threads and Dreddit. These should give enough information to understand what is at play here. GMs are currently locking threads to quiet the frustrated Alliances and Corps that are involved or supporting.






Included in these links, you’ll find the Eve system maps from before downtime, showing the TCUs active, and after the servers came back on, all were offlined and destroyed within 7 minutes. This is quite a shocking development, but hey, it’s Eve. Would you expect anything less?

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  1. GM Abuse is ramant in eve online nobody wins everyone gets banned sooner or later wether you did something wrong or not! 

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