Valve unveil Day One of the TF2 Engineer update

After teasing the highly anticipated Class update for the Engineer a month back, Valve have finally unveiled the first day of new content for the Engineer class, revealing a highly limited edition Golden Wrench, and a brand new shotgun for everyone’s favorite soft-spoken, sentry building Texan.

The Golden Wrench, discovered pre-emptively by eager fans in the TF2 game files after the July 1st update, is an extremely rare craftable wrench, that turns its victims into solid gold ‘Australium’ statues – a mythical element discovered by the Australians and used to craft amazing pieces of technology, according to the backstory given in Valve’s Engineer comic. There will only be 100 Golden Wrenches available, and Valve currently have a ‘Wrench Log’ to keep track of the current owners.

The second item revealed is the Frontier Justice, a new shotgun teased during the TF2 for Macs trailer. The clip size has been reduced to half the size of a normal shotgun, and random critical hits have been replaced by ‘Revenge Crits’ – Engineers earn Crits for the weapon for every kill and assist their sentry turret gets, and when their sentry gets destroyed, they get bonus crits as well.

More information on the contents of the Engineer update will continue to be revealed daily at the Team Fortress 2 blog over the course of the next week, with all changes becoming active at the end of the update.

Source: Team Fortress 2: Engineer Update

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  1. Can’t wait for this update.. I have a feeling the TF2 server will be full for the entire weekend.

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