Xbox Live Marketplace Update, Week of June 27, 2010

Major Nelson, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, has posted the Xbox Live Marketplace update for the week of June 27 – July 3.  This week’s Xbox Live Deals of the Week are called Critic’s Choice, and include acclaimed games like Darwinia+ and The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom.  Being added to Xbox Live Arcade… Continue reading Xbox Live Marketplace Update, Week of June 27, 2010

Eeek, Xmas Attacks

So you may of noticed a sudden dip in any postings. Well it is christmas and a fair few of us have been busy, rounding off end-year projects and such. However we do have a mega-Modnation Beta impressions lined up, a Cave Story Review, a possible FFXIII review, after xmas I’m going to do a bit of… Continue reading Eeek, Xmas Attacks


As hinted ‘Friendship Ends in One Day’, and now its come down to War! Click the links to be whisked away to one of two pages each containing a heartfelt rally to war on each opposing side. Each class will be receiving the 3 new weapons. But each class has a chance to unlock a… Continue reading WAR!!!