Tiny Build Games Upload Own Game To Piratebay

Tiny Build Games, creators of “No Time to Explain” decided that if you can’t beat them, you may as well join them, by uploading their own game to The Pirate Bay. The upload even came with matching pirate theme, which is what tipped TorrentFreak off that this wasn’t your average game torrent.

Good old Games Fumble Dungeon Keeper 2

  Good Old Games is a digital distribution store that specialises in releasing older PC games in a way that will run on modern systems. Since last week they have being releasing some old EA-published titles, starting with Dungeon Keeper 2. They got off on the wrong foot.

Microsoft come Top in StarCraft II League

  Tech giant Microsoft triumphed over other tech companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Zynga in a recent fund-raising StarCraft II competition. The After Hours Gaming League was a 7-week long event organized by Sean Plott, founder of Day[9]TV, a site which broadcast the matches, in order to promote eSports to a mainstream audience.… Continue reading Microsoft come Top in StarCraft II League

Pandas and You

Everything is coming full circle again, Blizzard trademarks another name a few months before Blizzcon. Those in the know understand what that means, New Expansion; but what does ‘Mists of Pandaria’ mean in terms of content?

Carpe Fulgur Announces “Fortune Summoners”

Carpe Fulgur, localisers of indie hit Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, announced earlier this week that they’d be taking Lizsoft’s “Fortune Summoners: Secret Of The Elemental Stone” to the Western world as their third project.

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Dead Island Gameplay Trailer

When it comes to zombie games most of us have had just about enough, so when publisher Deep Silver announced their new survival-horror title Dead Island with little more than a few screenshots and pre-rendered trailers it was met with cynical caution, if not outright disdain. The sheer number of zombie and zombie-related titles released… Continue reading Dead Island Gameplay Trailer

Super Meat Boy Updated

Team Meat have pushed a hefty update to Super Meat Boy owners via Steam, adding features including a way to sort user-made levels, a recommended chapter tab, and a nifty-sounding mode called “Enter the Unknown” that creates a 20-level chapter comprised of randomly selected highly-rated levels from the portal. Several bug fixes are also included.… Continue reading Super Meat Boy Updated