Microsoft come Top in StarCraft II League


Microsoft-StarcraftTech giant Microsoft triumphed over other tech companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and Zynga in a recent fund-raising StarCraft II competition.

The After Hours Gaming League was a 7-week long event organized by Sean Plott, founder of Day[9]TV, a site which broadcast the matches, in order to promote eSports to a mainstream audience.

Microsoft achieved a straight 7-0 win/loss ratio with their $5,000 prize winnings going to Amnesty International. Coming joint second were Google, Zynga and Amazon with a win/loss ratio of 5-2 each.

For those interested in watching the matches, including the Grand Final between Xbox maker Microsoft and Farmville creators Zynga just follow the link below.


After Hours Gaming League

Starcraft Matches @ After Hours Gaming

By Dean Bowes

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